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You will be able to download and register to try the iPhone and google app but will not be able to make payments until you have been added to the Closed BETA test. We will contact registered users as we add your account to the Closed BETA Test. If you are interested in being added to the BETA please send us an email to


Tip from your phone

Anywhere you see a registered sticker


StickaTIP  is designed to be the fastest possible way to tip a new service provider ...... To tip you only need to enter a simple 5 letter StickaKEY

  • Easy to remember unique combinations

  • No scanning required / tip from any distance

  • No need to search / add anyone before sending a tip


Great show!!

Send cashless tips to your favorite local artists!


Pick your own unique 5 letter StickaKEY to tell people you accept StickaTIP: 

Make it your own !! - "TX-VALET", "FL-MONEY", get creative and design your own stickers or use your StickaKEY in your art, workplace or materials.


Easy to recognize stickers allow tipping from a distance using a simple interface - just enter 5 letters and tip

tip your shuttle bus driver from your seat, or a band / musician from the back of the room


Our PCI Compliant platform is designed to protect your sensitive data, with all credit card information being encrypted as soon as it is entered and stored on secure servers provided by Stripe.



We pride ourselves in making transactions private.

Want to quickly send a tip?

Without providing sensitive information, photos or becoming friends, 

Using StickaTIP there is no need to exchange emails, phone numbers, add to a friends list or be constantly blasted by social media feeds, just send tips.

Unlike other apps we do not use GPS to track your exact location - our stickers do all the work

Work friendly

StickaTIP does not need a phone to receive tips,  or to identify a location / service provider, just display a sticker, or tell people your custom StickaKEY. Tippers can tip you on the spot or easily remember your StickaKEY to tip you later.



Send notes or requests

Easily add a note with your tip



Great for...

  • Valets / Valet Stands

  • Limo Drivers

  • Bar Staff / Servers

  • Golf Carts

  • Airport luggage

  • Shuttle Bus Drivers

  • Service Techs, Delivery Guys

  • Bellhops / Housekeeping

  • Pizza / Food Delivery

  • Street Performers / Musicians / Bands

  • Artists

  • Streamers / Online Content

  • Charity Fundraisers / Donations

  • Church Tithes

  • and more


Can't see a Sticker?

just ask your service provider

for their 5 letter StickaKEY


Note - Tips are processed in accordance with our terms of service, processing times may vary but are typically 1-3 days, payouts are made automatically on a weekly basis, or may be requested for instant payout once payment has cleared - check the payouts section to confirm status of cleared funds