Frequently Asked Questions

What is StickaTIP ?

STICKATIP is a patent pending mobile payment platform designed to provide the best solution for the cashless payment and tips to registered service providers.  Just download our mobile app, register for free, and link a valid form of payment to your STICKATIP account. 

All payment details will be setup through our secure payment processor, and once complete you can start tipping registered service providers.

Where can I use STICKATIP? - Use the STICKATIP mobile app to tip anywhere that you see a registered location sticker, or ask your service provider for their unique StickaKEY. 

To start using StickaTIP simply download the app from your App Store and follow the registration process.


How can I become registered as a STICKATIP service provider / registered location ? - Just download the mobile app and register with a valid US bank account / debit card and provide a shipping address - we will send you your free set of stickers within a few days, once you get your sticker, pick a size and display at the location you wish to receive cashless payments and tips for your services.

Please note that STICKATIP is only available in the USA currently


Is STICKATIP secure? - STICKATIP is powered by STRIPE® - an industry leader in payment processing, providing PCI compliance for all data and transaction processed through the STICKATIP platform.  All transactions are encrypted and neither the STICKATIP app or platform keeps any of your credit card or payment information.  For more information on Stripe please check out their website at

Built in Fraud protection - StickaTIP'S platform is protected by an advanced fraud detection system -  powered by advanced machine learning algorithms that automatically learn from Stripe’s global network of businesses to help identify and prevent fraud.  Note : Our system automatically detects the use of stolen cards protecting the system from misuse.

Password / Login

I cant login with my username? If you are having problems logging in with email please make sure you are using your username and not your StickaKey to log in.  If you continue to have issues please contact us by email at

I can't remember my password, how do i reset it? - Please use the forgot password feature in your mobile app to reset your password, if you continue to have issues please contact us by email at

How do i change my password? - To change your password, log into your app and click on the account icon, and select change password.  Enter your current password and your new password to update.

Fees & Processing

Why are there fees shown when i make a tip? - STICKATIP fees are charged each time you make a payment or tip.  We strive to keep ours fees as low as possible and use this to help maintain the platform and send money to registered service providers.   

For more details on how fees and payments are processed please refer to our terms of service

Where are my tips?  StickaTIP processes tips within a few days and pays out tips automatically each week, you can check the status of your tips in your app and request instant payout for any cleared tips.  Pending tips will be cleared on a rolling basis.  Processing times may vary.



Still have a question?

If you still have a question please contact us below by email using the Contact Us button