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Register using the app to pick / reserve a Custom StickaKEY

StickaKEY's are 5 letters e.g "S-T-I-C-K" so pick a key that means something to you - Your Company name, Pet's name, Nickname .. Just make it yours!!

Note : StickaKeys are unique ... just like a license plate, once chosen it's gone,  so sign up to get one that matches you

After your StickaTIP account is registered and activated you can start receiving tips immediately for your services by telling customers your StickaKEY


StickatipStickerSheet address feb blank.png

Everyone loves Stickers!

We will send you a sheet of waterproof stickers including various sizes within a few days to your registered location. 

Includes sizes for your Workplace, Car, Laptop,Wallet, Phone Back, Clipboard, Tip Jar etc..

Want to make your own sticker, customize one or print on a banner - Download the PDF below and add your registered key / graphics.







Simple easy to use interface, designed from the ground up to minimize keystrokes

Using a combination of geocoding, standardized key structure and careful UX design, tips may be made easily and quickly with minimal effort


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We've got you covered.

StickaTIP is as easy as Download, Register and Start tipping.