We have Launced StickaTIP Version 1.02

We have been working away for the last few months on the latest version of the StickaTIP tipping platform, and are excited to announce the release of 1.02 this week.

This is the latest version of the platform,  taking us out from our Closed Alpha program to Closed Beta.

About StickaTIP:

StickaTIP allows you to tip anyone with a registered sticker straight from your phone, by entering a simple 5 letter key.

Why 5 letters?  We found that 5 letters provided almost 12 million combinations - and with our geocoded sticker design that is multiplied by 50 states - so we have 594,068,800 unique combinations to serve the USA.  Limiting the number of keystrokes to the smallest practical number while allowing interesting and creative names, which help StickaTIP users to identify and tip with.

Most importantly this use of a unique code allows tips to be made securely, quickly and Privately - with no need to exchange any personal information (email / phone number / picture etc.)  - "The perfect money transfer app for tipping strangers"

"Virtual Stickers" - once registered your dashboard will also have a virtual sticker that you can share with tippers - just in case you are somewhere away from your sticker.

Version 1.02 also:

  • Streamlines the onboarding for service providers to remove re-entry of data / information - no need to re-enter your name or details during Stripe account creation anymore.

  • Has improved email delivery times - sign up and confirmation emails

  • Provides an audible alert on completion of tips

  • Adds Google and Facebook signup / registration options

We have a number of new exciting features planned and we will be announcing these in the next few weeks so stay tuned for more information.

If you have not downloaded StickaTIP yet, you can from the links below.

Please send any inquiries, comments and feedback to info@stickatip.com

Download for iOS

Download for Android

Thank you, 

The StickaTIP team